Saturday, September 26, 2009

Magic Number: 2!

2!2!2!2!2!2!2!2!2!2!2!2!2!2!2!2!2!2!2!2!2!2!2!2! 2!2!2!2!2!2!2!2! 2!2!2!2!2!2!2!2!2!2!2!2!2!2!2!2! Of course, my excitement with 2 revolves around the Dodger’s magic number as of approximately nine o’clock PST. One Dodger win + one Rocky loss opens the door to the possibility of clinching the NL West tomorrow if today’s trend of Dodger win/Rocky loss continues. Indeed, it is the most wonderful time of the year! Keep an eye on those box scores, and no, this is not my good news, stay tuned.


ben wideman said...

I'm feeling a similar euphoria! After many years of being depressed this time of year as my Blue Jays get eliminated officially, it sure is nice to be following a team that is on the right track!

Now about your writing - can you really call them Rocky losses, or should it be spelled Rockie losses? I know it isn't good grammar, but it just doesn't look right the way you have it. Maybe someone from Colorado can speak up. Maybe it should just always remain pluralized - Rockies losses.

Cafe Observer said...

It looks like you're putting your big money on the Dodgers rather than the Trojans this year.

And, I hear ya, Big Ben.

likenarnia said...

I agonized over "rocky" versus "rockie" but with nearly 24 hours of reflection, perhaps pluralizing is the best route. All that said, still waiting for two Rockies losses and/or Dodgers wins.
And Cafe, i think my love for both the Trojans & Dodgers are not in competition with one another. It is just that baseball season is in the thick of things; probably don't expect too many Dodger posts in November.